Clinical trials


I’ve worked in marketing and communications for clinical trials and volunteer recruitment for well over 20 years now.  It may not have been a regular topic for dinner party conversations, as let’s face it, most people have not really given it much thought until now. I left the conversations at “I work in marketing” as clinical trials were not en vogue!

Yes, health workers, those in the industry and people who may have had a condition and considered helping with new treatments would have had an understanding of clinical trials – but did most people have a true insight of the impact they have on all our lives?

This last twelve months Covid-19 has brought clinical trials into the limelight. The vast majority of the UK population are today hearing pharmaceutical brands including Pfizer, Astra Zeneca and Moderna on a daily basis. When did anyone have true awareness before about vaccines and what particular one you were receiving? Could you tell me which flu vaccine you had this winter?

When the vaccines for Covid-19 were in development, every one of us was willing their approval. The industry has moved mountains to ensure all the required trials, testing and approval processes were achieved in record time.

Today we are in the midst of vaccinating the UK population. As I write this over 12 million of us have been vaccinated. This has only been possible thanks to volunteers taking part in clinical trials.

So now people do want to talk about clinical trials…shame I’m not at any dinner parties! But don’t you worry when dinner parties are back on I will be waxing lyrical about how important clinical trials are to us all.  It’s just a pity it’s been times like these that have highlighted the part they play.

Clinical trials are not just about pandemics, they are for all medicines we take. So be it a cream for eczema, a chemotherapy drug or a CoVid-19 vaccine – volunteers are needed to take part in trials.

This is where our work at AWARD Marketing plays its part.  We work with leading clinical trial companies to help them clearly and effectively communicate with potential volunteers and patients, encouraging them to take part in developing the medicines of the future. To hear more about the recruitment communication challenges AWARD Marketing has worked on alongside leading clinical trial companies and how we may be able to assist you to get the right candidates for your studies get in touch via our website or email

Image courtesy of: Sebastian Coman Photography